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Patzi Gooch

Peter Collins

One of my best friends is Peter Collins.
We met when he and his group Style were the cabaret at a Dinner Dance in 1977. They were fantastic, and Peter's voice was amazing.
They were soon to take part in a talent show called "New Faces". I was so pleased for them.
They did very well, winning the first heat and also the All Winners Show, taking them to the Gala Final. This was won by a duo called Koffee & Creme. Every one of the acts had won a previous heat and were all very good.

Peter and Style were very popular locally and never short of bookings. As well as many local venues, they appeared at several theatres - even booked to appear at one in Berlin.

I asked Peter if he would allow me to start a Fan Club and he agreed. I just loved it, answering all the mail. I went to many of their gigs, selling photos, records, etc.

Eventually Peter went solo and for a while things went very well. Unfortunately the nationwide success he deserved never came - why, I'll never know.

Tall, dark and handsome with that wonderful voice. Listen and judge for yourself via my You Tube Channel.